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Slack Tide- Chinook

Slack Tide- Chinook

The Art of Charlie Clark

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I really wanted to highlight the Salmon and the beauty of its natural environment, As most of you know our Oceans and Salmon are in a nasty battle of their own and if they don't get the attention they need sooner than later...Well, we all know what the outcome will be.
Slowly this piece came together. After contemplating the thought of adding in some extra subject, i finally decided to leave it with a sense of mystery. What is he going after? is he going after herring? is their a flock of seagulls dive bombing a herring ball 5 ft to the left or the right? Is their a pod of Killer Whales surfacing in the distance? where is he going? where is his location?. All these things are a mystery and the magical phenoms that happen in nature and that is why i have decided to leave it up to the mind of each individual to create their own story.

The term Giclee refers to prints that are made with 100% archival materials, which ensures these prints to last over 100 years. They are the finest prints available on the market. All prints come signed and numbered accordingly to the number of prints released per painting. They will come mounted on foam-core backing and secured in a sealed tear proof shipping sleeve..Please keep in mind that with these style of prints the size refers to the size of paper being printed on not the actual print size. Size will vary depending upon the proportions of the original painting or drawing.