Mother's Love- Common Loon family

Mother's Love- Common Loon family

The Art of Charlie Clark

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Common Loons are a classic bird of the North Woods lakes. They are excellent indicators of water quality as they require crystal-clear lakes (which makes it easier for them to see prey underwater) with abundant populations of small fish. Lakes with coves and islands are preferred as they provide cover from predators while resting and nesting. They also require lakes with enough surface area for their flapping-and-running takeoffs across the water. In their winter range along ocean coasts, they occur fairly close to shore and in bays and estuaries. They are only rarely found more than several miles offshore. Some Common Loons winter inland, on large reservoirs and slow-moving rivers. Common Loons that migrate across interior North America find large lakes and rivers to move between on their way north and south.

The Common loon is an iconic symbol of the expansive open waters and wilderness of the Northern Forest and are highly recognizable by their powerful calls, to me i believe the loon is a symbol or staple of cottage or cabin country!

This original acrylic painting on canvas was created in 2019. It is protected and sealed with UV varnish preventing against fading and is guaranteed colorfast for life.Hanging wire is pre installed on the back and is all ready to hang on the wall.