Deep Reflections Rainbow Trout

Deep Reflections Rainbow Trout

The Art of Charlie Clark

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As the ice vanishes off the interior lakes trout become abundant in shallower water area's typically less than five meters (15 feet) in depth. Because this is where their food sources are most concentrated. Hatches of chironomids or midges keep the fish feeding on the shoals throughout early spring, as the water warms it starts a progression of hatches of other aquatic insects, including mayflies and damselflies and many more.This painting was inspired by that vary cycle, one that is rich with anticipation and excitement and one that many like minded trout anglers share and cherish and look forward to every spring, year after year, day by day.

I hope this painting can inspire many of you much like it has myself.

This original acrylic painting was created in March 2017. It is protected and sealed with UV varnish preventing against fading and is guaranteed colorfast for life.Hanging wire is pre installed on the back and is all ready to hang on the wall.

This is the original painting of a limited 300 print series release.