High and Dry - Caribou

High and Dry - Caribou

The Art of Charlie Clark

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The Arctic is home to some of Canada’s most iconic animals. With its tall and flat antlers, the stately caribou is among one of the most recognizable – and the most at risk.

Barren-ground caribou herds once spread in impressive numbers across Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, Yukon and into Alaska in impressive numbers. In recent years, some herds have declined by hundreds of thousands of individuals, making caribou among the greatest wildlife conservation concerns in Canada today. While populations naturally rise and fall, the current decline is particularly troubling. With herds at their lowest, caribou face a host of new threats from climate change and industrial development.

This original acrylic painting on canvas was created in 2019. It is protected and sealed with UV varnish preventing against fading and is guaranteed colorfast for life.Hanging wire is pre installed on the back and is all ready to hang on the wall.