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Moon Light Quillback Rockfish

Moon Light Quillback Rockfish

The Art of Charlie Clark

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 Most Rockfish are long-lived, late to mature, and slow growing, which makes them especially vulnerable to fishing pressure. The abundance of Quillback Rockfish in British Columbia is uncertain, but fishing levels on this species are likely sustainable

Growing up as a kid, i was fortunate enough to spend countless hours out in the salt chuck off the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada with my dad and his pals, as they hooked up their rigs with live herring in preparation for mooching for salmon, i would be prepping my buzz bomb baiting it with a piece of frozen anchovy. I quickly became familiar with this unique species, as the line on my reel would come to a dead stop i knew i was in the zone, on the bottom. It wasn't long before i would feel the bite of a hungry Quillback and....BAM, the fight was on. As i slowly reeled the quill covered specimen up, i could see the shade of an object coming towards the surface from the depths. A 2lb Quillback, a beautiful, majestic looking specimen, with powerful looking spikes off his fins, so many different shades of copper and orange and gold with every glimmer of sun on his body, truly amazing patterns and a visual that has never left my mind.

Drawing is hugely inspired by not only the Quillback but each and every species of rock-fish in the pacific ocean. These species are fragile and unique and if properly taken care of will be around for generations to come.


This 9x12 inch original charcoal drawing has been sprayed with archival UV varnish protecting against dust and fading and is guaranteed color fast for life.

Drawing is shipped mounted flat in between 1/4 inch cardboard shipping stock and sealed in a sealed tear proof shipping envelope!