Moon Light Sockeye

Moon Light Sockeye

The Art of Charlie Clark

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Many populations of sockeye salmon are declining in productivity in the Pacific Northwest.

- Salmon are an icon of clean water, making them a bellwether for other environmental problems.

- Why some salmon groups are declining while others thrive remains a mystery.

Every year, millions of adult salmon return from the ocean to their home streams, where they lay eggs and produce the next generation of fish. But far fewer sockeye salmon are making it back to their freshwater mating grounds compared to a few decades ago, and that's seriously affecting population sizes of the species throughout the BC, from Alaska to Washington State.

The discovery suggests that changing ocean conditions may be making life harder for some groups of wild salmon as well as in ocean, open pen Atlantic salmon fish farms along the coast causing deadly disease as well possibly by reducing their food supply or increasing populations of predators.


This 9x12 inch original drawing has been sprayed with archival UV varnish protecting against dust and fading and is guaranteed color fast for life.

Drawing is shipped mounted flat in between 1/4 inch cardboard shipping stock and sealed in a sealed tear proof shipping envelope!

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