Once in a lifetime- Mule deer buck (SOLD)

Once in a lifetime- Mule deer buck (SOLD)

The Art of Charlie Clark

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Big ol, gnarly high mountain mulie bucks are far and few between it seems this day in age..They have driven me to reach peaks and heights i never though were possible, they kept me out in the middle of know where wondering, they brought me to places i never thought existed, they opened doors that were locked, they kept me up night after night, thinking and wondering. Most of all they have taught me a lot of valuable life lessons, kept me healthy and physically fit, for that i have a huge place in my heart for the all mighty monster buck!

This painting was inspired by all of the above, this is my version of a big ol once in a lifetime rugged high mountain mulie buck. I'm sure many of you can relate.

Original acrylic painting was created in 2018

It is protected and sealed with UV varnish preventing against fading and is guaranteed colorfast for life.Hanging wire is pre installed on the back and is all ready to hang on the wall.

Painted on 1-1/2 inch gallery wrapped stretched canvas