Out and About- Grizzly bear (SOLD)

Out and About- Grizzly bear (SOLD)

The Art of Charlie Clark

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Grizzly Bears are a symbol of ecological integrity that represents much of what British Columbians and visitors alike appreciate about B.C.’s natural beauty.  B.C. is host to some of North America’s last remaining places where large predators and their prey play out their millennia-old roles. Grizzly bears are a key part of these systems.


  • They are an important “umbrella” species, as landscapes that support healthy Grizzly bear populations will be able to sustain many other species.
  • Grizzly bears play a key role in maintaining healthy ecosystems, for example, by distributing salmon nutrients into forests, and transporting seeds through their feces.
  • They are an important part of the culture of First Nations People living in B.C.
  • Grizzly bear viewing and hunting are important economic and social components of B.C.’s tourism and recreation industries.
  • It is massively important that we manage these majestic beasts in proper manner, ensuring not only a healthy Eco system now but for generations to come.

    This original acrylic painting on canvas was created in 2019. It is protected and sealed with UV varnish preventing against fading and is guaranteed colorfast for life.Hanging wire is pre installed on the back and is all ready to hang on the wall.