Welcome everyone, Im wildlife artist Charlie Clark. If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask. Simply email charlieclarkwildart@yahoo.ca or via chat.


Charlie Clark was born with the eye of an artist. He was raised on the rugged West-coast of British Columbia and has always had a great fascination with wildlife, fish and nature. Spending his childhood living in the small town of Gibson BC, he would beach-comb for hours along the many coastal beaches and adventure the coastal rain forests in the area taking visuals and collecting various specimen's, sea creatures, crabs, fish and shells to take home for further examination.

Charlie spent time in the fishing and construction industry as as well the railroad as a conductor for CN rail before becoming a ticketed glazier(Glass installer) by trade. He learned a ton from the failures and success's experienced along the way.which ultimately lead him towards a career in art.,

Clark is an avid outdoors explorer, fisherman, hunter, forager and naturalist who spends countless hours out in the mountains exploring and studying nature and wildlife. More importantly he is a father of three beautiful children and a husband to his beautiful wife Sarah.

Over the years Charlie dabbled around with various nature & wildlife sketches but never thought about doing art as a career. If something was created it was either a gift for friends or close family members. although he did enter an art competition when he was 7 years old and claimed first place and earned himself a live interview on national T.V. for his creation of a landscape expressionism painting.

As his career in the glass industry moved along things began to change..Clark became curious about the art world, perhaps it was the beach-combing adventures as a youngster revisiting his mind or an inspiring moment shared with renowned wildlife and nature artists Robert Bateman and Murray Phillips.

Charlie and his family now call the Sunny Okanagan Valley home where he and his family own a property over looking the stunning Okanagan lake in the mountains above the small town of Peachland British Columbia,

Either way, Charlie's love for art was quickly discovered and he never looked back.

Clark is a full-time self taught artist, everything he has learned is 100% trial and error so its been a journey, "an amazing journey" he explains. "As far as art goes i believe their is no right or wrong way to do it, if you paint or draw or carve or sculpt ect, just dive right into it and learn, you'll feel a way better sense of accomplishment that way, just discover your way and go with it. People spend thousands going to art school thinking they will become a full-time artist only to be taught or told how to do someone else's style or technique which is fine if that's what your into but if you want to succeed and find your style and be authentic and stand out among the millions of others, you have to be yourself." Charlie explains, you'll discover more, be in a better head space and that's when the magic happens and you discover your own identity as an artist.

Charlie started out sketching wildlife and fish with pencil and paper which he really enjoys but as time went on he developed an itch for color and paint. The idea of working on a canvas or different surfaces with a brush was really intriguing, to be able to create things the way they look in real life became very attractive and important. Its a real challenge to try to figure out how to bring a subject to life, when you figure it out you're hooked.

Charlie considers art as a wild adventure and he is always pushing the limits sampling with new idea's and techniques to improve his craft. If you just paint the same thing over, it gets pretty tiring, almost as if your chewing on the same old piece of meat. Just like in life, Its so important to keep pushing for that next mountain top... you just keep pushing the bar a little higher and new windows open up, its amazing"

Charlie enjoys seeing people enjoy his art, its great to see other artists get inspired as well. Clark always has many new projects in the works as well many future idea's. he plans to do art for as long as he can and looks forward to the adventure.

Remember, becoming a full time artist or anything in life is possible, not impossible, kinda like the word "Impossible" stands for "I'm Possible".  Anything in life is possible as long as you commit yourself, truly believe, work hard, learn and never quit, it will happen.